Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Feature and Review

By | November 15, 2012

Samsung has released the Galaxy Note 10.1 some time ago. Galaxy Note 10.1 comes in two colors, gray and white. Display screen so relieved with a slim body. Around the scree there is a white bezel on the right and left sides of each pinned a speaker. The design looks luxurious and different than the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung pinned charging port connector to a PC at the same time under the Samsung logo. Meanwhile, at the top there is the on/off as well as lock / unlock the screen and volume. In a row of physical buttons there is also an HDMI port and a slot for a SIM card used.

SIM card slot allows the tablet to use the Internet network operators as well as making calls.

galaxy note 10.1

Features S-Pen and Multitasking
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 equipped with a special stylus made by Samsung, called S-Pen. The tool is inserted in a special slot on the lower right side of the tablet. When the S-Pen removed from its place, it will display a shortcut for some application to the S-Planer, S-Note, Photoshop Touch, Crayon Physic, Polaris Office and a shortcut to the settings.

Besides, in the S-Pen, there is a button that can be used to perform a certain gesture commands. For example, when the S-Pen button is pressed while touching the screen for two seconds it will automatically capture images on the screen. Then when diketukkan twice to the screen, while opening other applications, the S-Note will appear in a small form.

Features S-Note is felt fit combined with multitasking capabilities embedded in this advanced tablet. Other open application windows can be scaled and moved back and forth wherever the user needs. It also can be shown by dividing the screen into two parts.

We tried it to record video with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels mp4 format while using the application of S-Note. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 can do it smoothly and without a hitch. Similarly when used notes while playing Matroska video format with a resolution of 1280×720, opening another application.

Unfortunately, multitasking is limited to few applications only, such as S-Note, S-Planner, Music Player, Messaging and Email. For example, if you use Photoshop Touch applications can be concurrently with the application, but can not if the same display with other applications such as games.

Then, there are also other limitations. When multitasking is done to open more than four applications, the performance was down. Because, when it is done, the screen becomes less responsive when shifting to position the application window.

Galaxy Note 10.1 Performance

The latest tablet made by Samsung using quad-core Exynos processor 1.4 GHz and 2GB of RAM. This high-speed processor appears to help the performance of the tablet becomes smooth.

samsung galaxy note 10.1

Games like Blood and Glory: Legend and Skyjet Chaos can be played smoothly and without a hitch. Especially when used to play regular games like Angry Bird Space. The screen also displays the details and the colors seemed more calm.

To listen to music or watch movies even it can make it convenient tablet users. Especially with no frame skip on HD movies and with his voice a loud speaker. In fact, when compared with iPad 2, Samsung Note 10.1 speakers produce sound louder.

Unfortunately, the resolution displayed on the tablet screen is still quite normal. The screen resolution is small for the size of 10.1 inches. Note 10.1 equipped only 1280×680 pixels, equivalent to Note 7 inches. It makes the pixel density and display normal picture.

Once again, the most indulgent tablet users are multitasking by dividing the two screens for two different applications. Although limited to a few applications only, but this feature is very helpful for students or users who like to record a reference while doing something else.

Barriers annoying little in terms of performance when the tablet is locked in a horizontal position and unlock users in a vertical position, the screen will freeze home screen for about one second before it responds to touch and change the screen position.

Are you interested in having a Galaxy Note 10.1?

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