Playing Bad Piggies Really Fun

By | October 12, 2012

Rovio, the game developer better known as the Angry Birds series, ended September 27 release of “spin-off” of the phenomenal franchise. This time, we actually played a character who used to be pig antagonist in the game Angry Birds series titled “Bad Piggies.”

This game can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free. Bad Piggies HD Available for tablet computers.

For those who are already cynical about this series might have to try the game first to feel the game is completely different from its predecessor. Although this time we played as a pig character, Bad Piggies apply vastly different gameplay of Angry Birds.

The story still has a common thread, namely pig herd seeking eggs to eat by following a piece of the map. Along the way, the map is torn so they are trying to get it back.

Therein lies the difference. When Angry Birds aims to tackle a whole pig that is on a stage, Bad Piggies attempted to reach the map pieces that are on every level. Certainly not as easy as expected because maps are in hard to reach places so they have to achieve by making equipment.

At the beginning of the game, that should be done is to design equipment with material available for the pigs to use the map. Levels with varied terrain that requires a vehicle with a different composition.

In the first level, we just made a simple launch vehicle, but the next level is introduced with a gust to propel the vehicle. Not long after no new equipment such as a fan.

The game is not that easy to achieve because of the map to get the full value must meet certain provisions. For example, could get under the prescribed time or without the use of certain equipment such as fans, so not until impact.

For those who have never tried this game could probably re-think because Bad Piggies have a distinct charm with Angry Birds.

To download Bad Piggies for android, go to Google Play Store, or follow this link

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