Majel The Siri Features For Android Device

By | December 19, 2011

Majel is features similar with Siri.This feature original from google and the project in the process of working to complete the android device.

Majel name, taken from the name of the computer voice in the Start Trek movies, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (born Majel Leigh Hudec’s name). According to a Google employee, on the site Android and Me, Majel will be equal to or better than Siri.


Google Majel Android

What can be done by Majel?

Majel can be used to interact with Android devices in the language of everyday conversation. This feature will be equipped with Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Image.

The employee, named only as Ted, exemplifies how the use of Majel on Android tablet. For example, he recounts, the user says ‘show the Statue of Liberty’ in Majel. The application that will display images from Google Image Statue of Liberty. But the same view can be in-swipe to show search results of Google Search, the explanation in Wikipedia to its location on Google Maps.

Majel also can perform commands such as sending email and open a particular website. One of Google’s other representative, who did not want to be named added, Majel will be like a robot that can talk and interact naturally with humans.

Majel will complement the action of voice features that have been released first on Android 2.2 (Froyo). This feature can be ordered smart phones to do things, like sending a sms, listen to music, search for addresses, send email, view maps, look for the website, to write notes. The difference, Majel will understand normal conversation, not just voice commands that the user must be memorized.

Mike Cohen, Manager of Speech Technology Google, said that Google has acquired phonetic Arts research team based in Cambridge, England. This acquisition enables the computer generated sound more natural.

When Majel launched?

Majel is estimated to be available for Android devices and is expected to release in January or February 2012. However, the Google Inc. has not provided an official statement.

Majel is one of the research on Google X,  The Google “secret laboratory” that develop new technologies. Majel addition, other projects under development in the Google X is a car without a driver.

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